Testing with Viruses - 2006

To test the effectiveness of a non-privileged account in blocking viruses and trojans, these viruses were downloaded to a local folder, and then double-clicked.

In every case, the virus would not run, due to an access violation. No antivirus program was running. For example:

cannot access

cannot access

An antivirus scan after the test found no infections, apart from the original copy.

a non-privileged account is an effective defence against most common viruses, including new (so-called "zero day") viruses, found nowadays (2006).

A similar test performed by eWeek Magazine in 2005 showed similar results - virus fragments were found only in the browser cache.

Does that mean I needn't worry about viruses anymore ?

Unfortunately, no. So it's still important to keep your system updated, and to use an antivirus program - many are free for personal use. But less so than if you run as administrator.