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LDAP Directory Setup

LDAP is Lightweight Directory Access Protocol, and is the emerging de-facto standard for directory access, supported by Netscape 4, Microsoft Outlook, etc.

TRIUMF is running a version of the OpenLDAP server (the password backend server) which allows LDAP clients like Netscape to access the email database. The backend server guarantees that email addresses in the directory correspond to those accepted by the email server.

Setting up Netscape

In Netscape 4, select Messenger/Addressbook (or Alt-Shift-2):

In Addressbook, select File/New Directory:

Enter Description = "TRIUMF", LDAP Server = "trmail.triumf.ca", Server Root = "o=TRIUMF", Port Number = 389. Do not check "Secure" or "Login".

In Messenger, select Edit/Preferences. Select Addressing. Check Directory Server, select TRIUMF:

This enables automatic lookup of names in the TRIUMF directory, when you compose a message.

Using the Directory

In Addressbook, select the TRIUMF directory, then enter (name) search terms in the dialog box. For a boolean search, or search on other fields, click the Search For button:

When you get a match, a right-click will allow you to send a message, while a double-click or selecting "properties" will access the full record from the server, which looks like this. Netscape supports an LDAP transport in a URL, like this live query.

You may also drag and drop an address icon from the results window into one of your personal addressbooks, or into an email list.

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