IPv6/IPv4 Connection Test

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Vancouver time is Tue Mar 28 02:53:17 2017

Your preferred connection:
You are on IPV4 : Remote name ec2-50-16-122-200.compute-1.amazonaws.com

This server is running dual-stack (it has the same name on both IPv4 and IPv6 networks). The information above identifies your preferred connection - typically IPv4 if you have a 6to4 tunnel, such as in Windows Vista.

The information above (if any) identifies your IPv6 connection. Vista/W7 users may have a 6to4 tunnel without realizing.

The information above (if any) identifies your IPv4 connection
Are you ready for IPv6 Day on June 8 ? (2011) Take this test: RIPE IPv6 Eye Chart

You can get IPv6 connection either natively (ask your network provider), via a 6to4 tunnel (included in Windows Vista & 7), or via a 6in4 tunnel from a number of providers:

It turns out that 6to4 has problems, as reported by Geoff Huston and studied by the IETF. 6rd may replace 6to4 in future. Meanwhile, the anycast tunnels still work.
Some IPv6 places to visit: Background info: